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Travel Insurance: 5 Reasons It’s Essential for Your Canadian Adventures

Think you only need travel insurance when you leave Canada. Think again! Prepare yourself even for your Canadian travel. Travel is always such an exciting experience. Whether you’re exploring distant lands or discovering hidden gems closer to home. But, even when exploring the beautiful landscapes of Canada, unforeseen circumstances can disrupt your plans and put […]

Hot Work Operations? Minimize Hazards and Possible Losses

Do your business operations require hot work? There are ways to prevent hazards and potential losses due to fire and even explosion. Did you know? Among the top three reasons for mid-size industrial and commercial property losses, and one of the leading causes of fire in Canada is operations involving hot work. We define hot work […]

Rising Canadian Home Insurance Rates in 2022 – Why!?

Thanks to increased inflation and a range of other factors, Canadian home insurance rates have increased in 2022. Let’s take a closer look… According to a RatesDotCa report, homeowners have seen an average 5% home insurance rate increase this past year. If we look at our friends and family in Ontario last year, the average […]

Why You Need to Tell Your Broker About Your Home Renovations

Recent home renovations? It’s important that you update your insurance broker and your policy to reflect the changes. Who would have thought that home renovations would have been in such demand during, of all things, a global pandemic?! But, with so much time in lockdown and far less spent on vacations, it seems Canadians had […]

Many Canadian Renters Don’t Have Tenant Insurance – Do You?

Almost 50% of Canadian renters don’t have tenant insurance. Do you? Regardless of how much you own, it’s a good thing to have. A recent survey found that almost half of renters in Canada don’t have tenant insurance leaving them at risk of costly repairs or replacement of important and valuable personal belongings. Conducted across the […]

Warm Weather Thaw – Protect Your Home From a Flooding Basement

Welcome spring – buds, warm weather and… rain. Protect your home from the dangers of spring thaw – a flooding basement! Spring is always such a much anticipated time of year. As the weather gets warmer, we enjoy longer days, buds on trees and seedlings emerging from the earth – hello, crocuses! – and more […]

Do You Know What You Own? A Personal Property Inventory

An updated personal property inventory will make your life a lot easier if you have to make a claim. Here’s how to create one. When you have to make a home insurance claim, a current personal property inventory will make the claims process just that much easier. Keeping that inventory off-site in the event of […]

Beat the Heat on the Water – But Not Without Boat Insurance!

With an early-season heatwave, boating is more popular than ever. Be sure you’re prepared – protect yourself with boat insurance With such an early and long spell of heat this summer, British Columbians are retreating to the water in droves. As a result, boat sales are booming as people look for new ways to beat […]

Fire Season 2021 – FireSmart and Wildfire Preparedness

What is your wildfire preparedness? Take advantage of FREE resources like FireSmart to help protect your property and you. As British Columbia welcomes the warmth of late spring, communities across the province are beginning to get out ahead in their wildfire preparedness. Summer will be here before we know it, and with that glorious hot, […]