Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance Coverage

An RV – a motorhome or trailer – offers you all the adventure and excitement of travel without entirely leaving the comfort of home behind. You get to enjoy everything you love about ]being at home no matter where you go!

But, before you hit the road, be sure to give yourself peace of mind with the appropriate coverage: RV insurance. From campers to tent trailers, deluxe motorhomes to park models by the lake, we have you covered.

Whether your unit is brand new or a vintage model we can customize a package for you.  Guaranteed replacement cost is available through most of our insurers for units 10 years or newer. An insured total loss in the first 10 years could be settled with a new current model year unit.

Your personal contents, which are often not covered under your home policy, may be eligible for coverage and will even include your awnings and outbuildings, as well.

Take advantage of our emergency vacation expense, as most losses occur while away from home.

Whether you’re en route or have arrived at your destination, you want to know that your recreational vehicle is protected. No matter what kind of unit you own, we offer the motorhome insurance and trailer insurance you need so that you can have fun while RVing.

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Why do you NEED RV insurance?

Your motorhome, trailer, or camper – your RV – can provide you with adventure travel to all of your favourite places, and finding new ones, too. Without compromising the comforts of home.  There’s a unique freedom that comes with the open road while you enjoy the essentials and necessities of home.

Whether you’re on the road, pulled into a favourite destination, or have parked your rig for the season – at home or in a storage facility – you need peace of mind knowing your RV is protected.

No matter the type of recreational vehicle – motorhome, trailer, or camper –  we can provide you with the necessary RV insurance coverage necessary no matter where it is.

The fact is, it’s mandatory that your recreational vehicle is insured. And, while the minimum RV insurance can ensure that you’ve met government requirements, it likely won’t be adequate to fully protect you have an accident or collision, or  if your RV is stolen.

CONTACT US TODAY… Talk to us about RV Insurance for your Recreational Vehicle BEFORE you travel!

What RV insurance can include

Before you take off on your next adventure in your RV, consider the following:

For all vehicles, whether it’s an RV or an automobile, you must purchase basic autoplan coverage. This includes:

  • Up to $200,000 in coverage for the other party if an accident is your fault
  • Up to $300,000 in medical and rehabilitation coverage for you and your passengers
  • Uninsured motorist protection of up to $1 million per person – can be increased to $5 million per person
  • Hit-and-run protection for you and your vehicle, even if your automobile isn’t involved in the accident
  • Inverse liability protection if you’re injured or in an accident in a region where laws don’t protect you or your vehicle

As an RV owner, there will be specific choices when you buy your insurance. Most RV owners opt for a one-year policy, similar to your primary automobile. Given that RV owners travel for shorter terms, there are partial year options available. You’ll save money, but do expect to pay a small surcharge for shorter insurance terms.

Insurance for travel trailers

For many of us, rather than drive our RV, we tow it. And while rigs such as fifth wheels and tent-trailers don’t qualify as vehicles, insurance is required.

The type of insurance you purchase will depend on the type of travel trailer you have. Travel trailer RV insurance, when it’s for your personal use, not rented, can be up to $75,000 in value and cover a rig up to 35 feet long.

Often, this is what works best for owners of tent trailers, hybrid trailers, truck campers, and cabin trailers.

Talk to your agent about the specifics of your RV – make and model, for instance.

Note that, depending on how large – the weight – of your travel trailer, you may have to upgrade your driver’s license.

Here’s what is typically included in travel trailer insurance coverage:

  • The trailer, accessories, built-in features, and any equipment that’s attached
  • Personal belongings inside the trailer
  • The trailer hitch, stabilizer or sway bar used when you are towing your trailer
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost for trailers up to two years old
  • Emergency Road Service
  • Lock Replacement
  • Fire Department Charges
  • Emergency Vacation Expense for non-refundable vacation fees and towing the trailer back to your customer’s home if it can’t be fixed where they’re vacationing
  • Reward Coverage for anyone who provides information about a fraudulent claim

Optional Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage includes premises liability up to $2 million for legal liability, voluntary medical payments, and property damage to others while the trailer is in use.

Physical damage RV insurance

As you think about RV insurance, consider any possible losses you might incur in an accident.

Keep in mind that RVs depreciate significantly after purchase. A Guaranteed Replacement Cost policy for a newer unit may be necessary.

For older RV models, consider options like replacement cost and actual cash value. These elements can be added to your policy for only a little extra. So, if your recreational vehicle is seriously damaged, it can be replaced quickly with a make and model of the same value. You can get back to your RV adventure in only a few short weeks!

Protect your RV – it’s an investment!

CONTACT US TODAY… Talk to us about RV Insurance for your Recreational Vehicle BEFORE you travel!

Each year there are many vehicle crashes that result in injury or fatality. Auto insurance is designed to protect you and your family while driving. The right coverage will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that a professional broker carefully created a package specific to your needs.

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